Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 66: Searching for Positives

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Air France/KLM had some good news in 2016. For one thing, its Transavia unit broke even. Also, KLM made a decent profit. But the story is rather disappointing from there, with the group posting a mere 4% operating margin for the year. Could some positive revenue trends turn 2017 around? Air Canada and WestJet together […]

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 55: Canadian Continuity

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Despite a major oil bust and the weakening currency that followed, Canada’s airlines continue to plod along. Make no mistake, macro issues are leaving a mark on the earnings reports of Air Canada and WestJet, but the story is more about resiliency than infirmity. Meanwhile, a similar story—one that also includes an oil bust, a […]

Airline Weekly Lounge – Episode 26: Singapore’s Swing

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Singapore Airlines swung back to solid profits in 2015. Does this turnaround mean the airline is returning to its former glory, not seen since 2010? Or are low fuel prices just making everyone look good? Korean Air and Asiana continue to struggle with profit margins that barely stayed in positive territory. And the two Korean […]

Airline Weekly Lounge – Episode 5: Cold Comfort

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Canada may be a cold place, but right now its two major airlines are cruising along with comfortable profit margins. Still, what we’re seeing from WestJet and Air Canada is a far cry from what U.S. carriers are experiencing. Why is there such a disparity of results within North America? Also, we head to the […]

Airline Weekly Lounge: Episode 2 – Postcards from the Hedge

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American Airlines doesn’t hedge its jet fuel, and now it’s enjoying the fruits of that somewhat contrarian strategy. Is AA onto something here? Is fuel hedging a smart play? Will other airlines mimic AA and reject hedging altogether? Those are some of the questions I ask Seth Kaplan in our second episode of The Airline […]