Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 62: United on Top

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By just a tenth of a percent, United’s fourth quarter operating profit margin bested that of Delta—and likely that of American, who reports later—making United, for the quarter, No.1 among the Big Three U.S. carriers. So, has the natural order shifted from United being a perennial laggard to leader? We’ll see. But, make no mistake, […]

The New President Speaks: Not that new president. Scott Kirby talks with AW about how to make United great again


Late one afternoon in late August, two press releases from two airlines announced— moments apart—that Scott Kirby was no longer president of American and had become president of United. The next day, United’s market capitalization increased by $1.3b, almost certainly the airline industry’s largest-ever such surge due to a personnel move. Last week, having just […]

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 54: Down Under Wonder

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Qantas reported a best-ever annual result. Not bad for a company that’s 95 years old. And not bad for a company that was barely breaking even just a few years ago. Virgin Australia, on the other hand, with a 2% operating margin, isn’t breaking any records—well, any records you’d want to break, that is. And […]

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 50: Peaked Perhaps?

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Earnings season is in full swing and really there’s too much to talk about within the average commute or treadmill run. So we’ll talk fast. And in this episode, our fast talk starts with American Airlines’ billion-dollar quarter and, naturally, how that compares to rivals Delta and United. Speaking of which, United posted a second-quarter […]