Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 63: All Smiles

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While the revenue story has improved for U.S. carriers, the cost story has become a headwind. Still, as American Airlines demonstrated in its fourth quarter results, costs are a headwind that can be overcome. With that, AA joined Delta and United in delivering solid fourth quarters and downright strong full-year results. And things only got […]

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 50: Peaked Perhaps?

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Earnings season is in full swing and really there’s too much to talk about within the average commute or treadmill run. So we’ll talk fast. And in this episode, our fast talk starts with American Airlines’ billion-dollar quarter and, naturally, how that compares to rivals Delta and United. Speaking of which, United posted a second-quarter […]

San Diego Charging

June 20

When Texas was booming during the era of high oil prices, airlines flocked to cities like Houston. Today, they’re flocking to California instead, as United’s capacity shift from Houston to San Francisco makes clear. Last week, Reuters reported that California has just surpassed France to become the world’s sixth largest economy, thanks to 4% annual […]

The Fountain of Youth: Southwest is profiting like its younger self again. But for how long?

Beyond the Great Wall

Three years into the new decade, America’s most successful airline of all time was no longer—by its own lofty standards, anyway—so successful. In 2012, for the second straight year, Southwest had underperformed the U.S. industry average with mid-single-digit operating margins, conjuring uncomfortable worries that its future might never be as bright as its past. Then […]

Airline Weekly Lounge – Episode 37: Race to the top

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While Delta, American and United have all seen both revenues and costs dropping, Southwest and Alaska just experienced the opposite in the first quarter. In fact, Southwest and Alaska rode a wave of rising revenues (say that three times fast) and rising costs to fantastic profits—and they did it in the normally sluggish Q1, no […]