Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 60: Around and Around

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SAS has tried and tried to turn itself around, but to no avail—at least judging by its recent earnings report. In fact, on profits alone, the airline’s third quarter was a step backward. What’s going wrong, and can it be fixed? Meanwhile, Frontier Airlines posted a tremendous profit in the third quarter, with an operating […]

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 44 –Struggling in Scandinavia

The Airline Weekly Lounge Cover 150

Scandinavia’s SAS posted a pretty rough quarter despite huge tailwinds from its healthy home economy and cheap fuel. Fierce competition, labor concerns and operational problems all share the blame. Is SAS’s long-haul strategy the answer? Or will it take a merger? Meanwhile in Africa, Fastjet is failing fast, posting an ugly 2015 full-year result. Clearly, […]

Nordic by Nature: SAS CEO Rickard Gustafson, racing to keep costs falling faster than revenues, speaks with AW


SAS hopes to please stakeholders with an array of ongoing structural reforms when it reports its February-to-April quarterly results this week. The airline—its post-9/11 history a relentless race between falling costs and falling revenues—is finally getting somewhat of a break on the revenue side this year. Unit revenues are holding firm—last week it reported a […]