Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 59: Forward-looking Statement

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Call it our year-in-preview show. In this first episode of 2017, we look at some of the more interesting stories that are ushering in the airline industry’s new year. Of course, 2017 doesn’t promise answers to all our questions. But we can hope, can’t we? Some of those questions: Leisure demand was one of the […]

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 54: Down Under Wonder

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Qantas reported a best-ever annual result. Not bad for a company that’s 95 years old. And not bad for a company that was barely breaking even just a few years ago. Virgin Australia, on the other hand, with a 2% operating margin, isn’t breaking any records—well, any records you’d want to break, that is. And […]

Airline Weekly Lounge – Episode 30: The Boomerang Effect

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After hitting the floor in 2013, Qantas, has—like a boomerang—come all the way back and more. In fact, the Australian carrier set an annual profit record in 2015. Despite enjoying the same advantages inherent to the Land of Oz right now, Virgin Australia has not found the same level of fortune. But in terms of […]

Airline Weekly Lounge – Episode 6: The Manic Atlantic

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Airlines in the North Atlantic market are adding capacity at a furious clip. That market has been profitable and should continue to be—in the short term, at least—and airlines seem to have figured that out. Despite four transatlantic joint ventures, airlines of all stripes continue to add traffic. How long will this market remain profitable? […]