Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 62: United on Top

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By just a tenth of a percent, United’s fourth quarter operating profit margin bested that of Delta—and likely that of American, who reports later—making United, for the quarter, No.1 among the Big Three U.S. carriers. So, has the natural order shifted from United being a perennial laggard to leader? We’ll see. But, make no mistake, […]

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 57: Heading South

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South African Airways finally published its fiscal year results for the 12 months ending March 2015. Yes, that’s 2015. And the result—a $442m net loss—wasn’t worth the wait. But with the Ebola scare and high oil prices now in the past, how is the airline doing today? The short answer: We’re not too encouraged. But […]

Airline Weekly Lounge – Episode 31: Turkish Blend

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It’s good to be a Gulf carrier—Gulf carriers are well positioned to connect the whole world. But it might be better to be a near-the-Gulf carrier like Turkish Airlines. Turkish offers a blend of service as an intercontinental carrier and also as a gateway to an entire continent. We discuss Turkish’s fleet, revenue concerns, growth […]

King Kong: Hong Kong’s airline market, despite some setbacks in 2014, continues to thrive

Hong Kong’s airline market,

It was a difficult year for Hong Kong overall, with major political protests, a slowdown in export markets, weak inbound tourism from some key source markets and sluggish economic growth. But the city’s airport? With the Chinese New Year still a few weeks away, Hong Kong International is already celebrating, having welcomed 63m passengers during […]