Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 63: All Smiles

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While the revenue story has improved for U.S. carriers, the cost story has become a headwind. Still, as American Airlines demonstrated in its fourth quarter results, costs are a headwind that can be overcome. With that, AA joined Delta and United in delivering solid fourth quarters and downright strong full-year results. And things only got […]

America’s Golden Eggs: Why are giant U.S. airlines so profitable now? Don’t overlook the importance of FFPs

Aug 1

How did they do it? How did U.S. airlines— especially legacy airlines— transform themselves, over the course of a decade, from financial laughingstocks of the global airline industry into paragons of profitability? Certainly, the “Three Cs,” as they are often called in these pages—consolidation, capacity discipline and charging extra for products and services that were […]

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 50: Peaked Perhaps?

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Earnings season is in full swing and really there’s too much to talk about within the average commute or treadmill run. So we’ll talk fast. And in this episode, our fast talk starts with American Airlines’ billion-dollar quarter and, naturally, how that compares to rivals Delta and United. Speaking of which, United posted a second-quarter […]

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 43 – The Big Sleep

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United last week revealed its new premium experience named Polaris, which includes its business class cabin. Ironically, the big design features in the cabin are all about missing the experience, because United wants its passengers to sleep right through it. But in addition to being optimized for sleep, the cabin is also optimized for something […]