Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 64: Rising Sun

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Japan Airlines is enjoying a charmed life right now. How good is it? In 2016, JAL was the most profitable of the large global airlines outside the U.S. All Nippon Airlines is also doing pretty well. ANA has narrowed the gap between it and JAL, which is still benefiting from the retrenching that followed its […]

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 53: Korean Crunch

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Korean carriers Asiana and Korean Air are being squeezed between rapid growth from Chinese carriers and new capacity coming out of Japan. But nonetheless, the two Korean carriers posted some of the most improved earnings among widebody carriers worldwide. Japan Airlines and All Nippon, meanwhile, both regressed in their year-over-year earnings despite a strengthening yen […]

Airline Weekly Lounge – Episode 25: JetBlue Breaks Out

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JetBlue’s big fourth quarter was kind of a big deal. Low oil prices essentially mean that every airline is making money right now, but JetBlue’s 21% operating margin is about more than just oil prices. The airline is changing, and the results are visible in the earnings. American Airlines set a record for annual profits […]

Airline Weekly Lounge – Episode 4: The Wild, Wild East

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The creditors of bankrupt Skymark Airlines chose All Nippon Airways (ANA) as its equity partner going forward. This of course leaves Delta—again!—without a dance partner in Asia. With that news, we take the opportunity to consider the condition of Japan’s long-time duopoly. What does this mean for Japan Airlines (JAL) and Delta’s Asia business? Virgin […]

Devaluation Sensation: Everybody seems to be visiting Japan, and airlines are loving it

Everybody seems to be visiting Japan, and airlines are loving it

Skymark Airlines never made it beyond Japan’s borders. Too bad, because what it would have found is a Japanese international market that’s on fire. Stricken with grandiose visions while earning strong domestic profits at the start of this decade, Skymark—until a few years ago the country’s only low-cost carrier—ordered giant A380s with eyes on overseas […]