Lone Star Fading?: These are not the best of times for airlines serving Texas

These are not the best of times for airlines serving Texas

In the summer of 2009, during the thick of America’s Great Recession, The Economist compared the divergent economic fortunes of the country’s two largest states: California was hurting, and Texas was thriving. Today, as even a quick glance at current airline trends will reveal, that trajectory has reversed. Texas, to be clear, did endure a […]

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 61: Worse, but still good

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Rising labor costs at Delta dented its fourth quarter results significantly—but not enough to prevent the airline from posting a terrific profit for 2016. And the big story within the story is that revenues have stopped falling. All in all, Delta remains bullish, which is a nice way to kick off earnings season. Also in […]

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 60: Around and Around

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SAS has tried and tried to turn itself around, but to no avail—at least judging by its recent earnings report. In fact, on profits alone, the airline’s third quarter was a step backward. What’s going wrong, and can it be fixed? Meanwhile, Frontier Airlines posted a tremendous profit in the third quarter, with an operating […]

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 59: Forward-looking Statement

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Call it our year-in-preview show. In this first episode of 2017, we look at some of the more interesting stories that are ushering in the airline industry’s new year. Of course, 2017 doesn’t promise answers to all our questions. But we can hope, can’t we? Some of those questions: Leisure demand was one of the […]