Past Issues

Issue No. 856

Runway to Nowhere?

Mexico City finally got a new airport! It's just not the one most had hoped for. No, that $13 billion, Norman Foster-designed airport became a political football. Instead, the administration of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and the military put...

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Issue No. 855

No Trouble at the Pump — Yet

A couple of decades ago, $100-per-barrel oil was a doomsday scenario for the airline industry. Today, American Airlines CEO Doug Parker is confident that the industry can make money with oil at or above that price. That's a good thing,...

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Issue No. 854

The Gathering Storm

As the war in Ukraine enters its third week, its implications for the global airline industry — an industry that was only just beginning to emerge from two years of the Covid crisis — are becoming clearer and more alarming....

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Issue No. 853

The Cost of War

In the 30 years since the Soviet Union collapsed, the world aerospace and airline industries have gone truly global. Remember when Aeroflot flew a motley collection of aging Tupolevs and Ilyushins, and not the new Airbus A350s and Boeing 777s...

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Issue No. 852

Caught in The Chaos of War

For the airline and aerospace industries, Russia's invasion of Ukraine is unlike other recent conflicts. For one, it's occurring on the doorstep of some of the world's busiest airspace, much of which now is closed to Russian aircraft. As of...

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Issue No. 851

After Winter Must Come Spring

"We are now past the inflection point," Air Lease Corp. Executive Chairman Steven Udvar-Hazy said last week. By the lessor's reckoning, CEO John Plueger noted, the inflection point occurred some time in the second half of last year, even as...

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Issue No. 850

That Frontier Spirit

U.S. Airline Consolidation Marches on With Proposed ULCC Merger One of the most popular airline-industry parlor games (yes, we've heard there are such things) is which two airlines would be the next dominoes to fall in U.S. airline consolidation. It's...

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Issue No. 849

Freight Forward

These indeed are remarkable times. In the span of a few months, the world has two new freighter variants, the Airbus A350F, launched late last year, and now the Boeing 777-8F, a derivative of the 777X, an aircraft that hasn't...

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Issue No. 848

Boeing Looks to 2023

What happened to Boeing? One of the most storied companies in the U.S., and one of its largest exporters, now is foundering. Long known for its engineering prowess — it designed and built the 747 in record time — the...

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Issue No. 847

The 5G Crisis That Wasn’t

The U.S. air transport system would grind to halt, stranding tens of thousands of passengers all over the world and further disrupting the supply chain by critically disrupting cargo. At least, that's what the airline industry predicted would happen if...

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Issue No. 846

Airlines’ Long Covid

Airlines around the world are looking past the pandemic to a future in which Covid-19 may be endemic. But just as with some people who contract the disease, the effects of Covid may last longer than the initial shock. One...

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Issue No. 845

Allegiant Bets on Boeing

In the first week of the new year, Allegiant decided to make some news. The long-time Airbus operator ordered 50 Boeing 737 Max-family aircraft, with options for 50 more. Allegiant downplayed the news by saying it has operated a mixed...

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