Past Issues

Issue No. 751

Chicago: Whose Kind of Town

Three. Two. One… And we're underway. Fourth-quarter earnings season is here, kicked off with another fine performance by Delta. More U.S. carriers report this week, including the three with major MAX exposure (Southwest, American, and United). Also reporting this week:...

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Issue No. 750

The Decade Ahead

Fasten your seatbelts. Fourth quarter earnings season starts this week, covering the period from October through December. As usual, Delta goes first, sure to unveil another strong set of results. One reason for the airline’s success: All the new technology...

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Issue No. 749

The 2010s in Review

Welcome to the 2020s! It will be, for sure, another decade of ups and downs for the world’s airlines. But will there be more ups than downs? That was happily the case last decade, broadly speaking, as strong industry profitability...

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Issue No. 748

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

As IATA discussed in detail last week, the world’s airline industry enters the 2020s with a 10-year profit streak. But as 2019 again reaffirmed, profits are increasingly concentrated among the sector’s largest intercontinental airlines, together with its strongest low-cost carriers....

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Issue No. 747

Why Are So Few Airlines Ordering Widebodies?

Boeing’s MAX still isn’t flying. Airbus can’t get its NEOs delivered on time. But at least there’s still buoyant demand for narrowbody aircraft. Not so for widebodies. Last week, another widebody blow: United, in announcing a big order for narrowbody...

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Issue No. 746

Allegiant: More Than Just an Airline

Allegiant is not an airline. No, says its management. Allegiant is a travel company. Whatever the appropriate label, Allegiant is phenomenally successful, sporting one of the airline industry’s most unique business models. Many aspects of that business model — direct...

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Issue No. 745

A Conversation With Volaris’ Holger Blankenstein

Mexico's Volaris, an ultra-LCC owned by the Indigo Group, is growing. Fast. Next year, it plans to expand capacity by another 10%. But it's not the market's Aeromexicos or Interjets that Volaris sees as its main competitors. Instead, as Volaris...

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Issue No. 744

Will Anyone Buy Air India?

Air India, a notoriously bloated state organ, is again up for sale by India’s government. In April, Jet Airways stopped flying, eliminating Air India’s only home-grown rival on intercontinental routes. The two airlines competed vigorously on shorthaul international routes as...

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Issue No. 743

IAG’s Billion-Euro Air Europa Bet

IAG’s interest in buying Norwegian is now history. But its interest in consolidation? Anything but. The latest move is a €1b deal to buy Spain’s Air Europa, a carrier specializing in Latin America flights from Madrid. The opportunity came as...

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Issue No. 742

How Pittsburgh Reinvented Itself

When Christina Cassotis became CEO of the Allegheny County Airport Authority in January 2015, Pittsburgh International Airport was casting about for a new airline to make it a hub, after US Airways left. Pittsburgh shouldn’t chase the goal of becoming...

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Issue No. 741

The Looming Aircraft Shortage

Air Lease Corp.’s John Plueger, presenting at an Airline Economics conference in New York on Oct. 18, identified several “hot topics” currently facing the airline industry. One was environmental sustainability. Another was the tariff war now affecting Airbus planes exported...

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Issue No. 740

Thai’s Dire Straits

In the years leading up to the current decade, Thai Airways knew nothing but profits — more than 40 straight years of profits. Then its world turned upside down. From 2011 through 2018, Thailand’s national carrier amassed nearly $1.8b in...

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