Past Issues

Issue No. 868

European Woes

We'd like to welcome Jay Shabat, one of Airline Weekly's founders, back to the team. Jay's historic and institutional knowledge of the industry, on top of his analytic and data skillsets, will build on the in-depth and authoritative reporting you...

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Issue No. 867

Merger Machinations

The next chapter in Airline Weekly is beginning. We've changed, for the better along with the airlines we cover, during the pandemic. The next chapter begins with bidding adieu to editor Madhu Unnikrishnan. This is his last issue after more...

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Issue No. 866

Elbers Exits KLM

Two years ago, industry analysts warned that airlines without domestic markets would be the first in a wave of airline bankruptcies and liquidations — then thought likely — due to the standstill caused by the pandemic. The wave of bankruptcies never...

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Issue No. 865

Summertime, and the Fares Are Easy

Delta Air Lines became the latest in a long list of U.S. carriers to cut summer capacity. Now, almost all the U.S. majors and mid-tier airlines have cited some combination of staffing, air traffic control issues, weather, and aircraft availability...

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Issue No. 864

Phoenix Rising

Few places boomed like Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, did during the pandemic. People from all over the country were lured by its wide-open spaces, warm climate, relatively lower-cost real estate, and strong economy as Covid-19 raged, especially as remote...

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Issue No. 863

South America’s Tangled Web

Abra Spins Out South American Consolidation With Avianca, Gol, Sky, and Viva An argument can be made that South America is a laboratory for airline industry innovation. This is due in part to more liberal ownership and control laws in...

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Issue No. 862

The Miami Boom

Miami Capitalizes on Florida's Economic Growth, Strength of Leisure Travel "Welcome to Miami, bienvenido a Miami," went the refrain of a popular song in the late 1990s. It might as well serve as Miami International Airport's anthem now. During the...

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Issue No. 861

Counting on 2023

The recovery was looking good until a laundry list of non-pandemic issues got in the way. With results in from almost every major U.S. airline, the outlook is both bright and dim: Profits are set to return at most in...

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Issue No. 860

Summer Ahoy!

It's easy to forget now, toward the end of April when mask mandates are falling and travel restrictions are easing worldwide, that the Omicron variant surged just a few months ago. The coronavirus variant was responsible for much of the...

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Issue No. 859

Help Wanted

Staffing. That's the issue airlines in the U.S. are grappling with as they plan their summer schedules. The good news is that carriers are licking their chops in anticipation of a torrid summer of unleashed pent-up demand. The bad news?...

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Issue No. 858

JetBlue Sets Sights on Spirit

Well, that was a surprise. JetBlue, seemingly out of nowhere, announced a bid for Spirit. JetBlue's offer of $3.6 billion is $700 million more than what Frontier offered and could derail Frontier's bid. At first, the industry reacted with shock...

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Issue No. 857

Europe’s Promising Summer

European airline executives at last week's Airlines for Europe conference were remarkably bullish on summer demand. Bookings for summer travel are robust and trending higher. Airlines are planning scads of new routes, particularly to southern Europe to capitalize on booming...

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