Past Issues

Issue No. 902

Thai Turns to Black

The U.S. Justice Department has removed any doubt about its feelings toward the JetBlue-Spirit merger. It doesn't like the idea and is suing to stop it. That's hardly the end of the story though. JetBlue plans to mount a vigorous...

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Issue No. 901

Air France’s Premium Bet

Lufthansa’s fourth quarter results are in and — once again — IAG’s were better and Air France-KLM’s were worse. Will the Lufthansa Group forever be stuck in the middle? For any chance of surpassing IAG, it will surely need to...

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Issue No. 900

A Year Without Russia

Fourth quarter financial reports continue to roll in. Last week featured some strikingly good performances, led by Singapore Airlines and Qantas. Both carriers have emerged from the pandemic with guns blazing, taking advantage of robust demand and wounded rivals. In...

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Issue No. 899

Champion of the Americas

Any doubts about Air India’s ambition to become a leading global airline? Not after the massive order for Airbus and Boeing planes it announced last week. In the earnings space, Air Canada still can’t seem to figure out how to...

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Issue No. 898

U.S. Earnings Highlights

Reliving bad memories is never pleasant. But Southwest Airlines didn’t have much of a choice as it faced a barrage of hostile questions about its holiday fiasco. How did it happen? What are you doing to ensure it never happens...

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Issue No. 897

Mideast Goes Low Cost

The earnings parade marches on. More airlines reported their calendar fourth results last week, including Japan’s two major airlines. In a break with pre-Covid norms, ANA is now outperforming its smaller and more internationally-focused rival JAL. In India, IndiGo continues...

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Issue No. 896

Wizz Air Stumbles

With earnings season in full swing, we now have a clear picture of airline trends in the U.S. The Big Three — American, Delta, and United — all performed admirably in the fourth quarter, boosted no doubt by exceptionally strong...

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Issue No. 895

United Confronts New Realities

Polite. Complimentary. Respectful. Nobody would use these adjectives to describe Scott Kirby’s attitude toward low-cost airlines. The United Airlines chief showed up for the company’s fourth quarter earnings call with a baseball bat, swinging at rivals for sins ranging from...

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Issue No. 894

Air New Zealand CEO on the Kiwi Comeback

Are airlines seeing any signs that extremely strong demand is weakening? It’s something everyone’s closely watching for as carriers begin reporting their fourth quarter results. Delta kicked things off on Friday and — rest assured — its demand outlook remains...

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Issue No. 893

The German Exception

Southwest has long been viewed as the gold standard for airline customer service. But not this time. For the airline and millions of its passengers, 2022 ended in misery. Dallas-based Southwest canceled nearly 17,000 flights, part of an epic operational...

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Issue No. 892

Delta’s Promise

As 2022 nears its end, two giants of the U.S. airline industry are glowing with optimism. United expressed its bullishness with a giant Boeing aircraft order — more 787s and 737s. Delta, for its part, showcased its confidence at a...

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Issue No. 891

Southwest’s Air Jordan

Things are feeling pretty good in airline world. Demand across most markets remains strong, and fares are high. And now, the cost outlook is suddenly looking much, much better. Fuel prices continue to drop, losing much of their gains from...

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