Issue No. 862

The Miami Boom

Miami Capitalizes on Florida's Economic Growth, Strength of Leisure Travel

Pushing Back: Inside the Issue

"Welcome to Miami, bienvenido a Miami," went the refrain of a popular song in the late 1990s. It might as well serve as Miami International Airport's anthem now. During the pandemic, Miami has emerged as one of the busiest international airports in the world, fueled by its proximity to Latin America, its booming economy, and just by dint of being in Florida, to which airlines have added a dizzying number of routes. (Cutting landing fees didn't hurt, either). We take a look at the growth in this week's feature story.

Elsewhere in this issue, Lufthansa, Air France-KLM, and IAG reported earnings, as did several U.S. carriers. Korean Air posted another record quarterly profit, driven almost entirely by its strong cargo operation. Airbus is pushing the A320 production rate even further, to 75 aircraft per month in 2025. As first-quarter earnings wrap up, one through line is becoming clear: Airlines sloughed off the effects of Omicron and are banking on summer. But another through line also is becoming clear: Despite the optimism, 2022 is not the year of recovery, but another year of transition.

And last, another legendary U.S. airline CEO is exiting the pattern. Maurice Gallagher, who built Allegiant into the powerhouse it is today, participated in his 61st and final quarterly earnings call last week.

The Airline Weekly Lounge Podcast

Airlines are sparring over Newark Liberty International Airport, as United claims the FAA is allowing low-cost-carriers to go over the 79 flight operations per hour cap. But Spirit and JetBlue refute that claim and say United should reduce its own operations if it wants fewer delays. Who's right? That's what Madhu Unnikrishnan and Edward "Ned" Russell discuss in this week's episode, before turning to how the lack of spare Airbus A220 parts is forcing AirBaltic to wet-lease a Boeing 737 from Ukraine International Airlines. Go here for a full archive of the 'Lounge.

Weekly Skies

Lufthansa is buoyant about the summer ahead, with bookings for June and July already well ahead of pre-pandemic levels. But the optimism is tempered by a harsh reality: Staffing shortfalls across the airline industry that could result in less-than stellar…

Routes and Networks

Provo, Utah, best known as the home of Brigham Young University, is a new competitive hotspot. On May 6, Breeze Airways unveiled plans to serve the city, its first destination in its home state, with three initial routes, and Allegiant…


Airbus is setting an ambitious target for A320-family production rates, rising to 75 aircraft per month in 2025, even as analysts worry about suppliers’ ability to match that growth.

Landing Strip

Newark Liberty International Airport, one of the three main gateways to New York City, is, for all intents and purposes, a fortress hub. United Airlines will operate 72 percent of all departures in the second quarter, with JetBlue Airways a…

Feature Story

As the airline industry recovered from the pandemic, the emphasis has been on domestic hubs like Charlotte and Denver, but one international gateway hub has stood out.