Issue No. 822

Colombian Airlines Plot Post-Pandemic Course

Even as Colombia Struggles With Covid-19, Airlines Vie for International Expansion

Pushing Back: Inside the Issue

Colombia is in the grips of a terrible new wave of Covid-19, with the number of cases higher than it was a year ago. But that's not stopping the government from encouraging airlines to add more international routes. A host of low-cost carriers are vying for the routes, and there's even a new entrant called Ultra, founded by some of the same people who ran Mexico's Interjet. Will the pandemic subside by the time airlines start operating these new routes? The country is stepping up its vaccination program and is reopening, so it's possible. We look at the changing airline landscape in the country in this week's Feature Story.

Elsewhere in the issue, the rumors can end now: United pulled the trigger on a 270-jet order. The carrier spun it as reinventing the airline, and it does. But United has an aging fleet and had to play catch up to rivals American and Delta, which are already part-way through their re-fleeting cycles. Southwest CEO Gary Kelly reflects on his time at the helm. And Air France CEO Anne Rigail remarks that the short booking curve keeps the carrier's network planning team on its toes.

Meanwhile, business traffic the world over remains down by more than 60 percent, with no clarity on when it may return. United is pretty confident business travelers will go back to their old ways in September, but others (see Kelly's quote below) aren't so sure. Several large consulting firms, which used to be among the most intrepid road warriors, now say they expect to spend 30 percent less on travel than they did in the Before Times. Even though employees may want to head back out, companies have become used to the cost savings and to doing business over Zoom.

And lest we are spun by the exuberance of some airline CEOs and the news of this or that country reopening, we shouldn't forget that a global pandemic still rages. Every day brings new reports of borders closing again, of new outbreaks caused by disturbing new viral variants, of quarantines. We may want to be done with Covid-19, but the disease has shown it's not done with us.


"I don't think anybody is smart enough to know these post-pandemic trends will unfold."

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly on the return of business travel

Weekly Skies

It's rare in any industry for a CEO to stay on top of his or her company for nearly two decades, let alone in the rapidly changing airline sector.

Routes and Networks

Although leisure demand is starting to show signs of recovery as Europeans start taking their summer vacations, the short booking curve is keeping Air France's network planning team on its toes, requiring the airline to change flights and frequencies just…


With its new order for 270 narrowbody jets, United Airlines is signaling its commitment to its mid-continent hubs in Denver, Houston, and Chicago, aiming to increase the number of seats available in those cities by 30 percent as the aircraft…

Feature Story

As Colombia continues to grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic, its government is encouraging airlines to start new international routes with the aim of revitalizing its aviation sector and reconnecting the country with the rest of Latin America.