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Every Wednesday the editors of Airline Weekly discuss a few of the week’s more interesting developments within the commercial airline industry. In keeping with Airline Weekly’s style, conversation generally centers on one question: How do you make money in this industry? 

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 68: Turkey’s Tough Times

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Once again we consider the ongoing demand problems in Turkey. The numbers are in, and they’re not pretty. Turkish Airlines posted a $300 million loss in 2016. Pegasus Airlines chipped another $50 million loss, a comparably bad number. But there are signs of hope. One of those signs could be the recent decline in oil […]

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 67: Rare Aer

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With its fourth quarter results and a standout 2016, IAG, the airline group that includes British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus and Vueling, continues to separate itself from the other two members of Europe’s Big Three airline groups. And leading the way was IAG’s still rather new acquisition, Aer Lingus, which had the highest annual operating […]

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 66: Searching for Positives

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Air France/KLM had some good news in 2016. For one thing, its Transavia unit broke even. Also, KLM made a decent profit. But the story is rather disappointing from there, with the group posting a mere 4% operating margin for the year. Could some positive revenue trends turn 2017 around? Air Canada and WestJet together […]

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 65: Strong Finish

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Europe certainly has its share of struggling airlines, but Ryanair, easyJet and Wizz Air are not among them. And for Ryanair and Wizz, fourth quarter earnings simply topped off a triumphant 2016. (easyJet has yet to report on its fourth quarter.) In the U.S., Spirit’s fourth quarter numbers were great—just not great for Spirit, as […]

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 64: Rising Sun

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Japan Airlines is enjoying a charmed life right now. How good is it? In 2016, JAL was the most profitable of the large global airlines outside the U.S. All Nippon Airlines is also doing pretty well. ANA has narrowed the gap between it and JAL, which is still benefiting from the retrenching that followed its […]