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Issue No. 858

JetBlue Sets Sights on Spirit

Well, that was a surprise. JetBlue, seemingly out of nowhere, announced a bid for Spirit. JetBlue's offer of $3.6 billion is $700 million more than what Frontier offered and could derail Frontier's bid. At first, the industry reacted with shock…

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Issue No. 880

Orlando Magic

The third quarter is nearing its end, with demand still humming in most markets, excluding China and Japan. Better yet, fuel costs continue their downward march, albeit from extremely high levels this summer. West Texas Intermediate crude oil prices dropped...

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Issue No. 879

An India Comeback Story

United and Emirates working together? The once unthinkable is now true, though the partnership of the two unveiled last week is limited in scope, at least for now. More significant for United is the sustained strength in travel demand right...

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Issue No. 878

Autumn Strength

Fall? What fall? It still feels like summer for U.S. airlines, judging from comments by several carriers at an investor event last week. Peak, summer-like demand persists despite the change of seasons, as new financial guidance from United makes clear....

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