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Issue No. 794

Leased Lightning

On Wednesday, Nov. 25, the day before Thanksgiving, close to 1.1m Americans took to the skies. And in one respect, that marked a sign of progress for the U.S. airline industry: It was its busiest day since mid-March. But in…

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Issue No. 797

Airlines’ Year of Transition

Welcome to the new Airline Weekly. To say the airline industry has changed since we launched in 2004 is an understatement. Similarly, the way we consume news and information has changed remarkably over the last 17 years. And because of...

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Issue No. 796

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

The end of the year is near. Thank heavens for that. Airlines will remember 2020 as their nightmare year, ruined by a global pandemic. Not even past encounters with war, terrorism, recession, or fuel shocks ever caused this much damage....

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Issue No. 795

Crisis Management at KLM

Nobody’s flying. But somebody’s buying planes. Lots of them. It’s the worst crisis ever for airlines, with demand a fraction of what it normally would be. But Ryanair nevertheless pulled the trigger on another big Boeing order. It’s buying 75...

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