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Airline Weekly Special Reports

Airline Weekly Special Reports (AWSRs) are quarterly supplements to Airline Weekly, the weekly newsletter. AWSRs are single-topic, in-depth reports exploring the business of commercial aviation. The first one — on ancillary revenues — was published on February 17, 2010. You can download PDFs of the reports below, and to have future reports sent to your email address, click here. The AWSR is an advertising-supported vehicle. If you’d like to find out about ad rates in the AWSR, click here for our Media Kit


February 17, 2010: Ancillary revenues: They’re not non-core anymore. Airlines are selling more things to more people. How is this changing the industry?

April 19, 2010: Aircraft  markets: A kinder, gentler bust. The boom is over, but this downturn has more eager buyers and fewer desperate sellers than past downturns.

June 30, 2010: Changing channels: distribution costs fell dramatically during the past decade, helping airlines offset fuel and other shocks. What’s in store for airline distribution this decade?

September 13, 2010: Customer service: To some travelers, airline customer service is getting worse. To others it’s much better. Who’s right?


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